Day 1 – May 10


Here is me and my ride – ready for a 23 day road trip. I am excited to be hitting the road, and particularly revved up to be traveling with my son George, who took all of these pictures! Today we drove across 50 miles of West Virginia, all of Kentucky and Indiana, and a good bit of Illinois. We decided to bed down at a seedy motel on the outskirts of St. Louis.


We took the liberty of trespassing on railroad property to get a few shots of a freight train making its painful way across an antiquated draw bridge over the Ohio River.


We encountered a blinding rain storm in southern Indiana.  I recall these violent displays of wind, water and fury from my childhood, but I seldom find myself greeting them face to face these days. Powerful and cleansing!

After the rainstorm we kept hearing tiny taps on the windshield. At first we thought it was more rain – it was bugs! Splatting against the glass. Having insect sex and losing their lives in the process. If only bugs could write a country song!


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