Day 2 – May 11

Today George and I drove and drove and drove from just east of St. Louis to Glenwood, Iowa, near Omaha, Nebraska.


It got flat!


And windy!

George received an early morning phone call from Glenville State College (GSC) in Glenville, West Virginia, confirming some academic and financial details, which will allow him to transfer from Middle Tennessee State University to GSC, where he will work toward a bachelor’s degree in bluegrass music. We have been anxiously awaiting this information, and George couldn’t be happier!


Much of the day was spent making and receiving phone calls on the road nailing this sucker down. He starts playing with the GSC Bluegrass Music Ensemble as soon as we get back to West Virginia at the end of this trip. Congratulations, buddy! You deserve this!!


We arrived late afternoon at the home of my brother Frank Lilly. Frank recently retired from the Union Pacific Railroad after 20-some years (maybe more!) and now keeps busy with lots of challenging projects including boat-building and gardening. We enjoyed our tour of Glenwood and loaded up on sweets at the local candy store.



4 thoughts on “Day 2 – May 11

  1. Congratulations to George! Despite all the commotion, you made great time on this leg of the trip, despite that wind! So good to see the prairie and the horizon there. And my, you sure look like your brother! Keep posting and good luck on the road. Any historic musical stops planned?

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