Day 3 – May 12


These young heifers found us nearly as interesting as we found them. George and I took a much-needed day off the road in western Iowa and visited with my brother Frank, his wife Sylvia and son Brian. Sylvia was raised on a dairy farm in Sac County, Iowa. George and I enjoyed traveling out to the Fertig family farm today, where we saw Sylvia’s relatives among thousands of acres of rolling farmland and hundreds of beautiful cattle. I am so impressed by the dedication and determination involved in farm work! It takes a special person to shovel manure, build fences and houses, repair engines, birth calves, plant and harvest crops, stay on top of shifting technologies and government regulations, and milk 195 cows twice a day and stay cheerful!


We ate lunch at the Old Market in Omaha – nice old buildings, cool restaurants and other attractions on the edge of downtown Omaha. We ate at a spaghetti place. Earlier, we went to the Union Pacific Railroad Museum in Council Bluffs – Frank knows a lot about trains!


On the way back, we stopped in Avoca, Iowa, a quirky little town where they used to hold a big old-time music festival. Here we are checking out the Volkswagen spider sculpture in Avoca.


One thought on “Day 3 – May 12

  1. Thank you for the wonderful photo of the Old Market in Omaha where I have never been. My grandmother grew up in Omaha and her father was one of the settlers in the 1880’s when the town was wide open. I am sure they knew that building well. It’s great to see it – and also the wonderful spider sculpture in Avoca!

    Thanks for sharing your adventures, and keep blogging!

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