Day 13 – May 22


Tuesday was a hard day. We left Artesia late morning, thinking that we had a relatively  short drive ahead of us and an easy gig at a library in Alpine, Texas, that evening. Well, turned out our three-hour drive took closer to seven hours, and I was almost too exhausted to play my gig that evening.

As we headed south out of Artesia, we encountered heavy traffic and long delays. This is oil country, and they are dead set on making the most out of every drop, pint and barrel they can find. We were passed by several trucks (or maybe several times by the same truck) hauling pipes and pipeline supplies. My educated guess is that fracking is somehow in the middle of this new oil boom. It looks very industrial, the drivers are aggressive and the police are writing tickets.

I also forgot there was a time change heading into Texas from New Mexico, which ate up another hour.

We arrived at the public library in Alpine, Texas, a little after 5. They waited for us to set up their PA system for them, and unfortunately their publicity efforts were either rather modest or just plain ineffective. I sang to about 10 people. Fortunately, we sold a few CDs in the process.SUNP0813a

Tomorrow is another day…


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