Day 14 – May 23


Big Bend! One of the most beautiful and imposing places on earth! George took some great photos, but pictures cannot convey the gargantuan scale of this place. It is difficult to grasp how far away an object might be or roughly how high a rock cliff or a mountain ridge would actually measure. Not that it matters! In many cases the successive ridges and valleys tail off into a purple horizon.


Plenty of wildlife to be seen. This javelina and a bunch of his buddies were rooting around by the side of the road when we happened by. One even came into a neighboring campsite the next morning! They are very bold and dangerous.


George fiddling up a storm – we were nearly swept away by a powerful late-afternoon boomer that swept through the park. George wanted his picture made while playing his fiddle on a mountaintop in west Texas. He sounded good!


I love this place!


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