Day 15 – May 24

Terlingua horizontal-1a

Terlingua – I have always been fascinated with the “ends of the earth”: Key West, Shetland, Alaska, Ushuaia (look it up!), and now Terlingua, Texas.

Terlingua map

Sure, there are more remote and exotic destinations in the world, but few places with such forlorn mystery, such lush desolation, so much unattainable potential. It’s an official Ghost Town, for heaven’s sake!

Terlingua sign2

I discovered Terlingua a few years ago at the suggestion of Texas songwriting stalwart Butch Hancock. He lives near here and recommended a visit. When I finally got here, my overwhelming reaction was, “This?!?” But a few hours later, while jamming on the expansive front porch of the general store, it all became clear. I said to myself, “This!!”


George and I spent the morning in Big Bend, drying out from the devil storm we had last night. Then we drove out of the park to Terlingua. Things were a little quiet there by comparison with other visits, but we could still feel the magic. My gig was at the Starlight Theatre in “downtown” (LOL) Terlingua.


I played a small, but intimate concert, while people were eating…


I shall return!



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