Dy 18 – May 27

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I love community radio! Many of you already know that I host a weekly show called Honky Tonk Holiday over WTSQ-LP 88.1 in Charleston, WV, every Sunday afternoon from 2-4 pm EDT – streaming online at wtsq.org. Many of my friends share this interest and host radio shows as well. Our hostess in Austin, Sharon Sandomirsky, hosts Strictly Bluegrass over KOOP 91.7, and she invited George and me to be her guests last Sunday morning. It was fun! You can listen online to the show until June 10 at http://www.radiofreeamerica.com/show/strictly-bluegrass-koop-radio.

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From KOOP we went to Threadgill’s “Armadillo World  Headquarters” for their Gospel Brunch with John Emery’s Hillbilly Revival, featuring my buddy Floyd Domino on piano. Threadgill’s features a nice menu, and George was pleased with the veggie offerings (not true of many other places we have been on this trip). Thank you, Threadgill’s! We enjoyed the food and music, and I’m glad I was able to get in a nice visit with Floyd later in the day.

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Next stop was Lambert’s restaurant in downtown (located on Willie Nelson Boulevard, no less!) to hear the great Beth Chrisman and her band the Morning Afters. They were kind enough to invite me up for a couple of numbers. Beth was a member of the Carper Family, who played a few of my songs, including “Come When Mama Calls,” quite possibly the song we are doing here.

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House concert that evening – what a day! The concert was hosted by a nice woman named Elise and was sponsored by the Austin Friends of Traditional Music, and I am grateful to them. The concert went very well. I was especially pleased with, and proud of, my son George, who joined me for several numbers. Way to go, George!

Thank you, Austin!

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