Blue Yonder on the Road

Nova Scotia trip map 1

Blue Yonder is eating up the highway! We are en route to Nova Scotia, Canada, and are very excited about it. We left Charleston, West Virginia, Saturday around noon, and made the short drive to Elkins, West Virginia, where we performed on the Mountain Stage radio show at Davis & Elkins College. We left Elkins on Sunday morning and made a day-long drive that brought us as far as Meriden, Connecticut.

Today we plan to get to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Then on Wednesday we will take a 5 1/2-hour ferry from Portland to Nova Scotia. Google maps puts the trip at 1,129 miles each way, but I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate the sea-faring miles. Oh well. You get the idea!

3 thoughts on “Blue Yonder on the Road

  1. Enjoy the trip, John. I contacted my cousin in Halifax to recommend the show but she’s touring Ontario and won’t be back in time. Is there any way you can take a few days and travel to Cape Breton Island? I know you’d love it!! Don Morrison

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